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Trust only the best in trace analysis.


High purity acids for sample preparation and trace metal analysis in ppb quality.


Custom solutions and reagents

made according to

your specifications.


Ready-to-use solutions,

reagents, salts and standards

for chemical analyses

in the laboratory.


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The power in Kraft.

With our production sites in Oberhausen and Duisburg, we are one of only few companies that still produce in Germany. What does this mean for you? Stringent legal requirements in Germany lead us to protect not only the environment but also our staff. Thanks to our expertise, experienced employees and state-of-the-art technology we have our costs fully under control – the cheap labor and flexible laws of distant countries do not attract us. Our aim is that our products yield the best possible customer benefits, saving you time and money. The ready-to-use reagents we offer keep work safety standards as high and disposal costs as low as possible. Our products do not come from across the seas. Safeguarding jobs and skills is part of our philosophy. Serving labs for more than 40 years.

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